Fun and Busy Days at Kandersteg

The 2015 Troop 1018 Kandersteg crew is having the time of their lives. We have done so much in such a short period of time. For example, earlier in the trip a group of us went on the Snow and Ice excursion. On that trip, we took a gondola from Kandersteg up to the glacier fed lake. We then climbed over 1000 meters (not feet) up to Frunden hut. We got there in time for a great spaghetti dinner and card games.

The next morning we got up and hiked up to the glacier while tethered together. Sorry Mr. Donnell, they did not use the Alpine Butterfly Knot this time. Instead they did a simple loop through our harnesses. But we did learn some very interesting knots while learning glacial rescue techniques. They taught us how to rescue someone who has fallen into a crevasse. To do this, we were actually lowered down into a crevasse and pulled out. While this was going on, the other half of our group was ice climbing. Unfortunately, I lost a crampon while I was down in the crevasse and had to walk back to the hut with accompanied only by one guide. Luckily, I learned how to go back down a glacier with only two people.

Later, we had lunch and hiked down to the Alpine lake where we took a swim. Jack and Ben swam completely across the lake! It must have been a half mile. We then went further down and rode an Alpine slide, also known as tobogganing. It was very fast, and Anthony Cinque earned the Alpine Daredevil award as he flew out of his sled when he took a turn a bit too fast.

It's hard to believe that we did all of the above in just 2 days.

Tomorrow, we're off to Italy!

There is so much more to tell. There was the Cheesery hike, the trips to Bern, Thun and Speiz and the cheese and chocolate factories in Gruyere, the Bunderspitz, 3 day hikes, canyoning, Via Ferrata. And much, much more. So stay tuned to the Kanderblog!



Sounds great Cameron!  Thanks for telling the story...can't wait to hear more about it.  Sounds like everyone had a blast.